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Voice Talent Guy - Ronald T. Robinson

A smooth, resonant and pleasing baritone voice-over talent.
Affordable,  professional, non union, male talent.

 Projects completed on time, within budget.

Friendly, co-operative, easily directed, quick turn arounds.

Important Notice:
Please note rate adjustments.
Presentation, along with congruent copy in voice over delivery are the most important elements of a communication.

Skilled, expressive, flexible, professional, experienced, professional voiceover talent. Reads can be delivered as soft sell, hard sell, folksy or subdued.

Ronald T. Robinson "The voice talent guy " has been delivering superior quality voice over narration, national, regional and local commercial and character voiceover performances for over 40 years and is available for quick turnaround productions.

Multi-decades of experience in voiceover for Radio and Television commercials, Corporate Narrations, Radio and TV Station Imaging, Retail store P/A announcements, On-hold Messaging,  Voicemail Greetings, Animated voices, Character voices, Movie Narrations and Trailers, Local, Regional and National Commercials, Syndicated Radio Programs and Features, Audio-Book Narrations, Training Narrations.

Professional script-writing and editing services are available. There are many linguistic distinctions that can be made to enhance any voice over communication. This is often a grossly overlooked aspect of an audio production.


Radio/TV commercials: One market 30 or 60 secs. $60.00

Two or more commercials: $50.00 each.
Narrations: 1-3 minutes: $90.00
4 minutes and over: $25.00 per minute.

Payments due on delivery and accepted by (email) Interac Transfer or PayPal.
Payment due on delivery.

V/O Protocol

I will record a small piece of the project and send it back so the client can comment on delivery styles

After delivery, there is an opportunity for corrections and revisions - at no extra charge.

30 Reasons to Hire a Voice Talent Professional

1. Professional Voice Talent was the first and continues as a most highly regarded form of communication.
2. Voice Over Talent has been the most influential of all communications media.
3. Voice Over Talent reaches more people with greater ease.
4. Voice Over Talent generates the greatest emotion.
5. Voice Over Talent supports greater understanding.
6. Voice Over Talent supports greater recall.
7. Voice Over Talent generates familiarity.
8. Voice Over Talent supports comfort in a listener.
9. Voice Over Talent is efficient.
10. Voice Over Talent is cost-effective.
11. Voice Over Talent is flexible.
12. Voice Over Talent mixes with other media.
13. Voice Over Talent can deliver quickly.
14. Voice Over Talent belongs to another human being – a person who can understand and contribute to a project.
15. Voice Over Talent is real-time.
16. Voice Over Talent can keep it real or transcend reality.
17. Voice Over Talent can communicate and generate sensory responses of visuals, auditory, tastes, aromas and feelings.
18. Voice Over Talent can reason.
19. Voice Over Talent can fantasize.
20. Voice Over Talent can be friendly.
21. Voice Over Talent can be forceful.
22. Voice Over Talent can be generous.
23. Voice Over Talent can be funny.
24. Voice Over Talent can order.
25. Voice Over Talent can request.
26. Voice Over Talent can plead.
27. Voice Over Talent can seduce.
28. Voice Over Talent can trick.
29. Voice Over Talent is available.
30. Voice Over Talent can be tricked!

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